Friday, February 25, 2011

Wearing White Well- Part Two -Warm Vs. Cool Skin Tones

Ever wonder why some brides look absolutely radiant in white, but others look washed out and plain? Its all about skin tones.

This is part two of my series on Wearing White Well. We'll focus on skin tones today, because finding out what skin tone your are is the first step to choosing the best shade of white(or any color) for any complexion.

You may have heard people talking about the "undertones" or "tones" of your skin and wondered what they were talking about. This confused me for a long time until a friend showed me this simple foil test.

Try it to find out what skin tone you are:
1) Wash your face with a mild cleanser so there's no makeup, sweat, grease etc. and blot with a clean, soft towel.
2) Stand next to a source of natural light(not florescent), and then hold up first a piece of silver foil, then a piece of gold foil.
3) If the gold piece reflects a glow in the face and makes your eyes seem brighter, you probably have a "warm" skin tone. If the silver foil brightens your face and makes your eyes sparkle, you probably have a cool skin tone. One color will brighten your face and eyes and the other will cause you to look a bit ashen or gray.

Everyone do this test and check back on Monday for another post in this series and some more great photos of sweet vintage threads!

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