Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Versatility with White - photo by Nicholas Horton

I love this photo first because of the natural light and secondly because of the contrast between such a fancy, party dress and the raw, natural surroundings. I have been noticing a lot of "Winter Whites" in this year's fall/winter collections, and a dress like this gem could even be paired with warm stole to make it winter appropriate. For an early springtime occasion it could be worn with a light cardigan and a skinny belt. Flats, a cardigan and a belt will dress this look down while a stole and pair of heels will cause it to be a show stopper. What would you pair with it?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Updates, SALE, and Photography by Nicholas Horton

Photo by Nicholas Horton;

This week Cheap Thrills is having one of our famous HALF OFF SALES! So stop by to find sweet summer deals on clothes you won't find anywhere else.

In other news, the song "Home" from the video that we posted last week, was on the season finale of 90210 last night! Check out the video in our last post to check out all the featured threads.

We also had a photo shoot with one of Tulsa's great photographers, Nicholas Horton! One thing I personally admire about about him is that he shoots using all film. He doesn't even own a digital camera! And, his photos are just as beautiful if not more beautiful, than a lot of photographers(who use tons of digital editing and all sorts of tricks). Check out his website for samples of his other work at We'll post more photos from the shoot later this week.

The dress the modeled was worn by a very fashionable bride in 1953. The classically 50's silhouette consists of layered tea-length tulle floating gorgeously around a fitted, strapless bodice featuring two tiers of exquisite pleated detailing.
A nipped-in waist and fitted bodice were particularly fashionable at that time, as was the wearing of corsets and shapewear. Below the photo of the wedding dress, I've posted a few advertisements from 1953(the same year as this dress), that denote the glamourous shapewear of that time. No Spanx here folks!

Photo by Nicholas Horton,

Advertisements for corsets and undergarments from 1953

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheap Thrills and OKSWEETHEART

Hey Everyone! Just a quick update, we've been super busy over here at Cheap Thrills working on a music video with singer/songwriter/adorable dancer Erin Austin from the band OKSWEETHEART, but we haven't forgotten about you! OKSWEETHEART's song, "Home", will be featured tonight on the season finale of the show One Tree Hill. So tune in tonight and check out the video styled by Sarah Chorley(the writer of this blog...) and local artist Britt Scott; shot and directed by Nathan Presley Photography.

In her video for the song "Home", Erin sings about moving to many different places and throughout the scenes she creates different types of baked goods to take to her many new neighbors. For the shoot we pulled a lot of different looks, including the fantastic 1940's Candy Striper pinafore that Erin wears during much of the video(as an apron). She also sports several different looks when delivering baked goods to different neighbors, including one of my personal favorites, a 1950's black and white large check plaid dress with a collar and 3/4 sleeves. She also wears a 1980's aqua dress with a white sash that we created to go with it, and a 1950's checked romper paired with a navy cardigan. In the last scene she wears a silk crop top with red and blue stripes on a white background paired with a light wash high-waisted jean short. The 1940's-50's pieces were perfect for the shoot because we shot the entire video in a completely restored late 1950's house that had all the authentic bells and whistles; from the restored tile and dining table in the living room, to the built-in rotisserie oven in the kitchen wall, it was simply a vintage wonderland!
The song that we created the video for, called "Home", will be featured tonight on the season finale of the CW show One Tree Hill. So tune in to hear it and check out the video to see the clothes and hear the song.