Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Texture

Here are a few shots of yet another dress that has incredible body and boldness. The blue dress, shown in our last post, was dubbed by Facebook popularity as being either Cornflower Blue or Bluebonnet. What specific color name would you deem its red cousin?

Gathered shoulder ruffles and a very full, ruched, skirt(complete with a lace overlay), give this dress dimension and really show off the bold color.

Scroll past the photos to read about adding texture to your wardrobe.

Monochromatic and vertically based accessories such as this necklace, elongate the figure and provide even more texture to this outfit.

A contrasting black velvet hat is a such a fun addition of even more texture and draws attention around the face. All photos by Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa.

Adding Texture to Your Wardrobe
Adding texture to daily duds is easier than one might think! Here are a few ways to get creative:
  • Settle Your Differences: Pair a pattern with a solid or different weights and types of fabric together. For example, try a silk patterned top with a solid cashmere cardigan. Consider wearing a braided belt. Try different combinations.
  • Add On: Adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to add texture and spice up any outfit. Neutral colored bangles and necklaces can be interchanged and combined to add dimension. Adding a bag featuring a strong pattern that coordinates but doesn't "match" one's outfit is also a great way to accomplish this.
  • Stay Warm: Layering is really in style right now and with the winter weather, why not stay a few degrees warmer? One of my favorite layering fabrics right now is lace. A lace slip peaking from underneath a skirt or dress adds interest, and sheer lace blouses can go underneath or on top of a solid top without adding bulk.
  • Think Outside the Outfit: If your outfit doesn't allow for any typical texturing techniques, try opting for a hair scarf, clip, or headband, or try adding a braid or some messy waves to your regular style.
What do you think? What is your favorite way of adding texture to an outfit?

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  1. This really does look like Betsey Johnson.