Friday, February 25, 2011

Wearing White Well- Part Two -Warm Vs. Cool Skin Tones

Ever wonder why some brides look absolutely radiant in white, but others look washed out and plain? Its all about skin tones.

This is part two of my series on Wearing White Well. We'll focus on skin tones today, because finding out what skin tone your are is the first step to choosing the best shade of white(or any color) for any complexion.

You may have heard people talking about the "undertones" or "tones" of your skin and wondered what they were talking about. This confused me for a long time until a friend showed me this simple foil test.

Try it to find out what skin tone you are:
1) Wash your face with a mild cleanser so there's no makeup, sweat, grease etc. and blot with a clean, soft towel.
2) Stand next to a source of natural light(not florescent), and then hold up first a piece of silver foil, then a piece of gold foil.
3) If the gold piece reflects a glow in the face and makes your eyes seem brighter, you probably have a "warm" skin tone. If the silver foil brightens your face and makes your eyes sparkle, you probably have a cool skin tone. One color will brighten your face and eyes and the other will cause you to look a bit ashen or gray.

Everyone do this test and check back on Monday for another post in this series and some more great photos of sweet vintage threads!

Monday, February 21, 2011

White Wonders

ince I've posted photos of white dresses lately, I thought I'd do a series on how to wear white well. Keyword:
well. Today will be the first installment and I'll post part two on Friday.

So often white goes wrong. So let's avoid being the victim today and learn from past mistakes, shall we? Men can learn from this too.

Follow these cardinal rules and you'll be on your way to wearing white like a winner:

1) Easy Does It. Squeezing a size 6 body into a size 4 white outfit is in no way flattering or attractive.
  • Make sure that the garment fits your body properly. In the same way that black is a slimming color(because it absorbs light), white reflects light(and can make your body look bigger if you're not careful). A good rule of thumb is to let the garment skim your body with room for movement and sitting down comfortably.
  • Pick flowing and layered over tight and hip-hugging. Accentuate your best features.
  • Vertical lines stretching across the back or chest area, or any body part protruding over the hips, is a sign that the garment is probably too small and will only make the wearer look bigger. This happens a lot with men and women when it comes to fitted garments, including white trousers and jackets, but I frequently see it with T-Shirts that are too tight.

2) I See London I See France! I see your pink polka dotted/striped/frilly underpants.
*Cue embarrassment.
  • Wearing white takes a little planning. It's a common misconception that wearing white undergarments with a white outfit is the way to go. I beg to differ. Sometimes it won't show up in the mirror, but will usually haunt the wearer in the sunlight or in photos. If you wear a white dress or shirt, the best way to go is wear flesh-colored undergarments that don't show any extra bumps or lines.

3) Keep it clean!
  • If your dress is looking dingy, take it to the dry cleaners. If you get a spot of ketchup on your oxford dress shirt, take care of it. Be careful to keep your whites looking bright or they'll look like they haven't been cleaned at all. Gross!

4) Be Picky! We've all been embarrassed for the woman wearing white pants that reveal much more than we wanted to see.
  • If the pocket lining shows through on the outside of the trouser, keep shopping because the fabric isn't made of a dense enough fiber(and the world will be able to see everything underneath- for free). If wearing a white T-shirt, be sure that it isn't see through. If it is, its better classified as an undershirt.

-Check back at the blog on Friday for Part Two on Wearing White: Skin Tones

Spring Fling

Why hello gorgeous!

May I have this dance?

These dresses are so floaty and flirty, yet elegant, they embody the essence of spring! They're ideal for someone who wants to look uniquely feminine at a formal party or dance. I've even seen some very similar vintage reproduction wedding dresses, although, why wear a reproduction when you could wear the real thing? I'm so tired of seeing 20 girls at a party all wearing boring dresses that look the same! The great thing about these two dresses is, depending on the height of the wearer and the formality of the party, one could either wear heels or flats.

Check Back at the Blog this Wednesday for a special blog on Ways to Wear White!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air

Hey Fashionable People! If you LOVE vintage like we do, then you'll LOVE that Cheap Thrills is extending our 1/2 Off Sale to the end of the month! So lay off the bon-bons already!

-Happy Heart Day,
Cheap Thrills

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Texture

Here are a few shots of yet another dress that has incredible body and boldness. The blue dress, shown in our last post, was dubbed by Facebook popularity as being either Cornflower Blue or Bluebonnet. What specific color name would you deem its red cousin?

Gathered shoulder ruffles and a very full, ruched, skirt(complete with a lace overlay), give this dress dimension and really show off the bold color.

Scroll past the photos to read about adding texture to your wardrobe.

Monochromatic and vertically based accessories such as this necklace, elongate the figure and provide even more texture to this outfit.

A contrasting black velvet hat is a such a fun addition of even more texture and draws attention around the face. All photos by Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa.

Adding Texture to Your Wardrobe
Adding texture to daily duds is easier than one might think! Here are a few ways to get creative:
  • Settle Your Differences: Pair a pattern with a solid or different weights and types of fabric together. For example, try a silk patterned top with a solid cashmere cardigan. Consider wearing a braided belt. Try different combinations.
  • Add On: Adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to add texture and spice up any outfit. Neutral colored bangles and necklaces can be interchanged and combined to add dimension. Adding a bag featuring a strong pattern that coordinates but doesn't "match" one's outfit is also a great way to accomplish this.
  • Stay Warm: Layering is really in style right now and with the winter weather, why not stay a few degrees warmer? One of my favorite layering fabrics right now is lace. A lace slip peaking from underneath a skirt or dress adds interest, and sheer lace blouses can go underneath or on top of a solid top without adding bulk.
  • Think Outside the Outfit: If your outfit doesn't allow for any typical texturing techniques, try opting for a hair scarf, clip, or headband, or try adding a braid or some messy waves to your regular style.
What do you think? What is your favorite way of adding texture to an outfit?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Funky & Fresh

If you're into fun and funky designers like Betsey Johnson, check out this ruffled wonder we have in store right now. Betsey Johnson has several dresses from her latest collection that feature very similar voluminous skirts and ruffle detailing, but the neon colors right off the runway might be a bit too bold(and/or unflattering) on some. This piece from Cheap Thrills is the perfect medium; brilliant blue is totally on trend for the spring season and brightens up skin and eyes. Freshness echos from the featured shoulder ruffles and really make this dress a stand out item.

Friday, I'll be posting more about dresses like this(!) and a special segment on sensational spring colors!

Above Photographs Subject to Copyright by Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa

I've had several requests to post more often(thanks for reading!), so if anyone has a style dilemma, fashion question, comment, or a topic they would like to hear more about, please feel free to post here or on the Cheap Thrills Facebook Page.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Photograph by Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa

If you're tired of wearing the same boring peacoat and looking like one of the hundreds of mega-store clones roaming the city streets, check in to Cheap Thrills for sweet, one-of-a-kind finds like this navy velvet and silver faux fur coat, the perfect addition to brighten up any dull winter wardrobe.

As previously stated, this is faux fur, so there's no need to worry about dodging paint slingers or avoiding embarrassing references to "where the puppies went", Cruella De Vil style. In fact, this piece is super warm and is keeping up with the today's hottest faux fur trends, as seen on designer runways such as Chanel(yes, Karl Lagerfeld used entirely faux fur).

Here are some tips on keeping faux fur fabulous:
1) Store your faux fur in a dry, moth-free environment. In the off season, store your items in air tight containers containing moth repellants such as cedar blocks. Air out before you're ready to wear it again.
2) To clean, use a moist cloth and blot, never rub clothing. Never fully submerge your item in water but spot clean any stains. Gently shake out any dirt, then air the item inside-out after wearing; its also best get the item professionally cleaned once a season.
3) On some faux furs, the use of a soft, wide-bristled comb keeps the "coat" looking shiny and fuzz-free, on other faux fur items such as wider, yarn-like faux fur material, its best to unknot and smooth by hand.

Check in with us next next week for more vintage fashion and style tips, or friend us on Facebook for instant updates and info regarding Cheap Thrills.
Stay warm Tulsa and have a fauxtastic day!