Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Funky & Fresh

If you're into fun and funky designers like Betsey Johnson, check out this ruffled wonder we have in store right now. Betsey Johnson has several dresses from her latest collection that feature very similar voluminous skirts and ruffle detailing, but the neon colors right off the runway might be a bit too bold(and/or unflattering) on some. This piece from Cheap Thrills is the perfect medium; brilliant blue is totally on trend for the spring season and brightens up skin and eyes. Freshness echos from the featured shoulder ruffles and really make this dress a stand out item.

Friday, I'll be posting more about dresses like this(!) and a special segment on sensational spring colors!

Above Photographs Subject to Copyright by Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa

I've had several requests to post more often(thanks for reading!), so if anyone has a style dilemma, fashion question, comment, or a topic they would like to hear more about, please feel free to post here or on the Cheap Thrills Facebook Page.


  1. Love this dress! It really does look like those Betsey Johnson ones, except...prettier!

  2. MMM i luv this one