Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye, Mom Jeans.

Our model is wearing a high waisted leather pencil skirt with a shrunken maroon blazer with two front pockets. The skirt is really versatile and could be worn with a crisp white shirt for work, and the blazer could be worn with a variety of skirts, jeans, trousers or even a cute pair of shorts.

Goodbye Mom Jeans, hello stylish ladies!
I've heard a lot of women say that they don't like high waisted styles because they're afraid of looking outdated, and think that high waisted styles won't flatter them. Fear not! I've shared some tips here that should help you conquer high-waist-phobia and look good while doing it.
High waisted styles are really in right now, so here are a few ways to wear them well!

  • Pick a fabric that glides against your skin, but doesn't stick or cling to it.
  • Make sure it fits regardless of what number size it is. No one can see that except you.
  • Opt for darker washes of jean and darker colors if you're worried about accentuating your hips.
  • Choose a style that doesn't have a lot of added fabric bulk at the pockets or around the waistline. I've heard that a lot of women actually sew down any pockets and physically cut out the pocket lining so it looks like there is a pocket, but there isn't any added bulk.
  • Stay away from styles that have a lot of buttons on the front, as they look bulkier. Stay away from shorts or skirts that are fitted if they are made with ribbed knit. The knit often looses its shape.
  • Choose a length that is most flattering to your legs. If you're short, don't pick a style that cuts off your calves and swallows your body up in fabric, but try for an at the knee or above length. If your tall, don't opt for something extremely short or you will look disproportionately long-legged.
  • When choosing high waisted skirts, don't limit yourself to one style. People often immediately think "pencil skirt" when thinking high waisted. But there are so many different drapes and styles that can flatter every figure, try different things and see if any of them work for you.
  • If you're self conscious of the angular difference between your hips and waist, try pairing your high waisted style with a cardigan almost the same length as your hemline, but a few inches shorter. The high waistline will still be shown off, but there won't be a huge visual difference between the hips and the waist. You can belt your cardigan, button a few buttons, or leave the buttons undone for a more casual feel.


  1. Yes I love leather skirts! That outfit is so cute.

  2. This blog is so good! Thanks for the great advice!