Monday, March 7, 2011

Wearing White Well; Skin Tones

Photo by Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa

Today, as a continuation of our white series, we'll talk about how to pick the best type of white for an individual skin tone. I find that people don't write about this subject very much because it is really difficult to generalize what will look best on someone by just analyzing skin tone; consider this a basic guide, not final truth, because trying on different colors is always the best way to judge. Different variations of every hue are out there to try, and hair, eyes, and accent colors always have a major role to play.

Basic Skin Tone and White-Wearing Guide:
Dark Skin Tones: Most colors of white will look great especially pure, bright whites, although yellow-ivory tones are least flattering.
Yellow Undertones: Bright white will be most flattering(like our model).
Pink Undertones: Look gorgeous in cream colored whites.
Very Fair Skin Tones: Best with eggshell, yellow-ivory and colors of white that have depth are best to avoid being washed out.

Our model Anna has a great skin tone for wearing different types of white. The crisp white dress best accentuates her darker, golden skin undertones here. Meanwhile while the cream hat doesn't look "bad", it just doesn't brighten her skin the way the crisp white does.
What do you think? Do you agree that Anna looks better in crisp white or do you disagree?

  • Check back on Wednesday for a new blog post! Also, the photo shoot with Nathan Presley Photography went really well and we're SO excited to be able to share the photos with everyone soon!

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