Thursday, March 17, 2011

Plaid Mad

Photograph by Nathan Presley

The pleats on this skirt give it so much depth, and I love the gold buttons on the blue shirt.

Its amazing how much fabric actually goes into designing a skirt like this. If one were to lay it out flat without the sides being connected, it would form a complete circle which, when the pleats are added, is what gives it its fullness and dimension.

Some people claim that pleats are unflattering because of the bulkiness of the fabric when pleated, but I disagree. I think that pleats can be worn in a very flattering way, such as in this photo. Yes, the skirt is full and voluminous but the shirt fits very close to the body, which balances the outfit.

It reminded me of an American Apparel skirt I saw the other day, except I really don't think that the American Apparel skirt is at all flattering on the model. It makes her look heavier than she is because of where the skirt rests on her hips, and the belt she's wearing divides her silhouette at an unflattering place.

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  1. Cuteee! Love this outfit. I really like the colors, it looks really 70's to me.