Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beat the Heat-Summer Style Photos by David Spence

Whew, its hot outside! Check out these fun summery shots, taken by Tulsa photographer David Spence.

The T-Shirt is a great, casual way to beat the heat in the summer, and what's better than a fun, authentic vintage T? We have tons of different T's at Cheap Thrills, including this one. You can pair a simple t-shirt with many different combinations such as a very hot item this summer, the jean short, or even tuck your shirt in to a high-waisted skirt, belt it and you have another great summer combination.

When its just too hot to go outside, stay cool inside with a good book. When the air conditioner gets too cold, throw on a cute vintage sweater like this one. You can wear just the sweater, or leave the sweater unbuttoned over your vintage T. There are so many fun options to mix and match with cardigans, and since I tend to get a little chilly inside during the summer, I usually pack one in my bag just in case.

David Spence is a local photographer(in Tulsa) and when I sat down with him to talk about his art, he mentioned that the 1950's was one of his favorite era's from fashion. When working with models, he said one of the best ways to make anyone feel more comfortable and look more natural under the camera lens during a shoot was to simply make them laugh. He said he finds that when someone is laughing they relax and aren't trying too hard to pose specifically and don't feel as self-concious. David likes to develop his own creative ideas and strives to take photographs with settings that are originally designed. One of his favorite menswear designers is Armani. David does fashion, event, and art-driven photography and his website can be found at

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  1. Jessica Landers7/6/11, 5:11 PM

    Cute shoot! I like that sweater.