Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Updates, SALE, and Photography by Nicholas Horton

Photo by Nicholas Horton; www.NJHorton.com

This week Cheap Thrills is having one of our famous HALF OFF SALES! So stop by to find sweet summer deals on clothes you won't find anywhere else.

In other news, the song "Home" from the video that we posted last week, was on the season finale of 90210 last night! Check out the video in our last post to check out all the featured threads.

We also had a photo shoot with one of Tulsa's great photographers, Nicholas Horton! One thing I personally admire about about him is that he shoots using all film. He doesn't even own a digital camera! And, his photos are just as beautiful if not more beautiful, than a lot of photographers(who use tons of digital editing and all sorts of tricks). Check out his website for samples of his other work at www.NjHorton.com. We'll post more photos from the shoot later this week.

The dress the modeled was worn by a very fashionable bride in 1953. The classically 50's silhouette consists of layered tea-length tulle floating gorgeously around a fitted, strapless bodice featuring two tiers of exquisite pleated detailing.
A nipped-in waist and fitted bodice were particularly fashionable at that time, as was the wearing of corsets and shapewear. Below the photo of the wedding dress, I've posted a few advertisements from 1953(the same year as this dress), that denote the glamourous shapewear of that time. No Spanx here folks!

Photo by Nicholas Horton, www.NjHorton.com

Advertisements for corsets and undergarments from 1953

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  1. Love this dress! Great photos, can't wait to see more